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Make Great The New Good August 12, 2007

Posted by cindi413 in business, creativity, excellence, innovation, teamwork.

I read another nugget of wisdom from brainy business blogger Seth Godin. His post, “Is Good Enough Enough?” hit the spot.

Says Seth:
“Good enough is beyond reproach. It’s safe (and) at the same time it represents quality. Good enough demonstrates effort and insight and ability. People rarely get fired for good enough, which is a shame.”

Why is it that doing a good enough job, of coloring in the lines, of marching in order rated so highly in our society? Often, a worker’s efforts to go beyond the call to reach the remarkable level are seen as a threat. Why? Because with workers like that, the organization is less manageable? Because it may make the upper leadership feel uneasy?

Seth shares outcomes of what would happen if we refocus our objective beyond adequate. Among them: “It would require significant risk-taking. Which would include the risk of failure and the risk of getting fired… Can you and your team handle that? If not, might as well admit it and settle for good enough. But if you’re settling, don’t sit around wishing for results beyond what you’ve been getting.” 

I’m one who has lost a job because of stepping out of the lines into the creative zone. What fun it was innovating in that place, and what a deep disappointment when I had to leave. But it was worth every minute, and even bigger, better opportunities were waiting!

Who’s willing to settle for good enough, for less-than-awesome results? Count me out!


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